Emma Mattress Review; How do they measure up?

Emma mattresses are sold online and delivered in a box. Emma’s award winning mattresses are all medium firm, although there are 3 different types. Read on for the full Emma Mattress review.


These days there are a number of different companies that sell ‘mattresses in a box’, but Emma is probably the most well known. Designed in Germany, the Bettzeit Group has expanded and made their mattresses available in 21 countries. 

Emma mattresses have received many good reviews and advertise that they have won the Choice Best Mattress Award in 2020 and 2021. The mattresses come with a 10 year warranty and Emma offers free delivery and free returns with a 100-day trial period.

There are 3 models to choose from: Comfort, Comfort Premium, and Diamond Hybrid. They are competitively priced and often have sales reducing the price even further.

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emma mattress review

What are Emma mattresses?

Emma mattresses are more than just memory foam mattresses – they are made of foam layers and they have been designed so that they can be packaged in a cardboard box for easy delivery. They use a vacuum process to compress and roll the mattress and they come in a small box that is not very heavy.

The mattresses are easy to set up. You get it out of the box and let it roll out on the bed. Then it gradually fills up with air and forms a normal mattress. Surprisingly, once it is reinflated, the mattress is quite firm and you would never be able to tell that it had come out of a small box.

“The Emma Comfort Mattress offers point-elastic caving that enables an ideal and unique fit for your body. As a result, your spine stays straight while at the same time offering you the necessary amount of support and comfort. The innovative eco-friendly top layer optimally relieves the individual body parts and guarantees a cooling effect while you sleep thanks to its breathability.”


Are there different types of Emma mattresses?

Emma makes 3 different types of mattresses in 5 different sizes.

1. The Emma Comfort mattress has layers of foam atop that adapt to your body. The Airgocell foam is said to regulate the temperature so that you won’t be too hot.

2. The Emma Comfort Premium mattress has 4 layers of foam with AeroFlex pocket springs to give extra support.

3. Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress is a foam and spring hybrid mattress. The Diamond Degree Graphite Foam layer is infused with graphite dust which helps with temperature regulation – especially if you sleep hot. Diamond Degree Graphite Foam. It also features an Adaptive Comfort foam layer and pocket springs.

emma mattress review, emma mattress types
There are 3 main types of Emma mattresses – the Emma Comfort, Emma Comfort Premium and Emma Diamond Hybrid.

Is Emma a good brand of mattress?

The Emma Comfort mattress and the Emma Original mattress have both been awarded Australia’s Top Scoring Mattress by Choice one of the leading consumer advocacy groups in Australia. In fact, Emma mattresses have won more than 40 product awards all over the world.

You can also buy other sleep products from Emma so if you need a new bed frame, pillow, comforter or mattress topper, you can shop for these on the Emma website.

Is an Emma mattress a good mattress for back pain?

Because the Emma mattress is medium firm, this makes it good for back pain, since a mattress that is too firm does not give enough support to the body. The top foam layer of an Emma mattress is designed to mould to the contour of your body. However, not everyone likes a firm mattress and even with the hundred day trial period, some people can’t get used to it.

To learn more about how to find the best mattress for a bad back, read this article.

How long does an Emma mattress last?

Like most mattresses, Emma mattresses can be expected to last between 7 and 12 years. People who are heavier may find that their mattresses do not last as long as people who are average weight or lower.

emma mattress review, bed in a box
The Emma mattresses come in a box and are easy to set up

How much is an Emma mattress?

Emma has 3 different mattresses which come in 5 different sizes. They often drop the price of their products and at the time of writing, many of the mattresses were on sale. This list shows the regular mattress price and the sale price of each of their products. – Prices current as at October 2022.


Single – Regular price $1140, Sale price $574.50

Double – Regular price $1480, Sale price$744.50

King Single — Regular price $1250, Sale price $629.50

Queen — Regular price $1500, Sale price $799.50

King – Regular price, $1700, Sale price $854.50

Comfort Premium

Single – Regular price $754.50

King Single – Regular price $824.50

Double – Regular price $974.50

Queen – Regular price $1049.50

King – Regular price $1,119.50

The Comfort Premium did not show that these mattresses were on sale, but if you compare the prices with the other mattresses, these prices seem to be sale prices.

Diamond Hybrid

Single – Regular price $2,400, Sale price $1,124.55

King Single – Regular price $2,770, Sale price $1,250.55

Double – Regular price $3,050, Sale price $1,376.55

Queen – Regular price $3,320, Sale price $1,498.05

King – Regular price $3,740, Sale price $1,687.05

They also offer a Family Bundle where customers can get 50% off by buying more than one mattress at a time even if the mattresses are not on sale.

Advantages of an Emma mattress?

  • Emma mattresses are a ‘bed in a box’ – they come boxed and can be easily unpacked and set up on the bed, making them much easier to handle than a normal mattress.
  • Emma gives a 100 night trial of the mattress and if you don’t like the mattress it is easy to send it back as they have free delivery and return.
  • There is a 10 year warranty on the mattresses
  • Emma mattresses are very reasonably priced compared with other brands and they have regular sales where you can get the mattresses for half price.
  • The mattresses are very comfortable and many people say that they are good for people with back pain, as well as hot sleepers.
emma mattress review
Emma mattresses have won several Choice awards and have had many satisfied customers.

Disadvantages of an Emma mattress?

  • Emma mattresses only come in one level of firmness: medium firm. While many people enjoy a firm mattress, others find it uncomfortable and cannot get used to it. They are not very bouncy either, which may be an issue for some.
  • Some people say that the Emma Comfort mattress makes them feel hot.
  • They do not deliver to all locations in Australia.
  • If you want to return the mattress, you need to keep the original mattress cover that the mattress came in.
  • They are not suitable for people who are lighter than 50 kg or heavier than 100 kg. The foam is designed to give appropriate support for people of average body weight. This means that they are not suitable for children.
  • Edge support – some people have found that the edges of the mattress are weak and do not retain their shape well

“You can test any Emma product purchased from us for 100 days to decide whether or not you are satisfied with them. If you realise that Emma is not right for you, simply contact our customer service team.. We’ll arrange a pick-up date and issue you a full refund.”


Where can I buy an Emma mattress?

Emma mattresses are not stocked in any store. They can be bought online at the Emma website.

FAQs about Emma mattresses:

How long are Emma mattresses supposed to last?

Since they come with a 10 year warranty, you can expect your mattress to last for a long time. In fact, you may need to replace your mattress before that, but you will not be able to get a refund if you have to replace your mattress earlier, since the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.

Who owns Emma sleep?

Emma was founded in Frankfurt, Germany in 2015 and is now available in 21 different countries. The company headquarters are still in Frankfurt and the company has 302 employees. It is a part of the Bettzeit Group which is a European mattress supplier.

emma mattress review
A 100 day trial with free returns is a great offer from Emma mattresses and allow customers to try before they buy.

Where are Emma mattresses manufactured?

Emma mattresses are made in different countries depending on where they are sold. For example, in Europe the mattresses are made in Germany, but North American mattresses are made in the USA. It is not clear where Emma mattresses for the Australian market are made. The Emma website only writes that the mattresses were designed in Germany without saying where they are manufactured. According to Canstar Blue, they are not Australian made.

Is an Emma mattress worth it?

Emma mattresses are very reasonably priced and have had very good reviews. It is generally thought that a mattress should be replaced after 7 years or when it stops giving good support. Since they come with a 10 year warranty you can expect to keep your mattress for a normal amount of time.

Not all of the reviews are good as some people find the mattresses rather hot and others could not get used to the firmness. It is a good idea to take advantage of the 100-day trial period to be sure that you like the mattress. If you find the mattress comfortable, then it is well worth buying, especially if you wait until they are on sale.


Emma mattresses are designed in Germany but manufactured in a number of countries. They are sold online through the Emma website and come packaged in a cardboard box. They are very easy to set up and have won awards all over the world. They are competitively priced and often have discounts, making them one of the cheaper mattresses on the market.

Like every product, they have received some negative reviews and are really only suitable for average weight sleepers, but because they have a 100 day trial with free returns, anyone who buys an Emma mattress will have a chance to decide whether they can provide a good night’s sleep or not.

Have you bought a new Emma mattress? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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