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Purple makes mattresses in a box that are topped with a GelFlex Grid. This grid keeps you cool at night, but it is not comfortable for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at Purple mattresses.


Purple have been making mattresses since 2016. The mattresses are shipped in boxes and expand after they are taken out of the box. Purple mattresses have a distinctive grid shaped top which are made of a material called GelFlex. Purple claim that it is this Purple grid which makes the mattresses so comfortable, but some people have reported that they cannot get used to the feeling.

Purple have 6 different models from soft to firm and they come in a range of sizes, so whether you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper there is sure to be a mattress to suit you from the Purple range.

Read on for our detailed Purple mattress review.

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What are Purple mattresses?

Purple is a company that makes mattresses in a box that can be easily shipped. They are also easy for the customers to set up. Purple mattresses are known for the GelFlex Grid which is on the top of their mattresses.

purple mattresses, gel flex grid
The Gel Flex Grid is said to offer superior cushion and support

Are there different types of Purple mattresses?

Purple makes 6 different types of mattresses ranging from soft to firm.

1.   New Day Mattress – firmer feel

2.   Purple Mattress – medium firm

3.   Purple Plus – medium

4.   Purple Hybrid mattress – the firmest

5.   Purple Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress – Medium Soft

6.   Purple Hybrid Premier 4 Mattress – soft

For more information about how to decide which mattress is the best for you see this article on the Mattress Pro Guide website.

purple mattresses, new day mattress
The Purple New Day mattress has a firmer feel

Is Purple a good brand of mattress?

Like many of the brands of mattresses in a box which you can buy online, Purple offer a 100 day trial. They also have a 10 year warranty. The reviews, however, are very mixed. For some people, the mattress is excellent while others do not like them at all.

“Our injection-molded GelFlex Grid is so effective, it’s been used in hospital beds for critical patients for more than 20 years.”


Can you flip a purple mattress?

You cannot flip a Purple mattress as they are one sided. It is believed that flipping mattresses will extend the life of the mattress, but these days most mattresses, like the Purple ones, are designed with a top and a bottom. Instead, you should rotate your Purple mattress every few months to ensure that it wears evenly. For more information about whether you should flip your mattress see this article on Healthline.

How long does a Purple mattress last?

Purple mattresses have a 10 year warranty, but in general, mattresses should be replaced every 7-10 years. The GelFlex Grid will not break down, but the foam in the mattress should last about 10 years, according to the Purple website. For more information about how often to replace mattresses, see How Long Does a Mattress Last?

Purple mattress cost?

Purple mattresses come in a number of sizes. The Twin which is the smallest, is the cheapest and the California King, being the largest, is the most expensive.

●    A New Day Mattress, which is their newest mattress, is not available in all sizes. You will be able to buy a Full at $895, a Queen size Purple mattress for $995, and a King for $1,295.

●    The Purple Mattress, their original mattress, will cost between $899 for a Twin XL and $1,898 for a Split King. A California King will cost $1,699.

●    The Purple Plus has a price range of $1,299 for a Twin and $2,698 for a Split King.

●    If you buy a Purple Hybrid you will have to pay $1,699 for a Twin XL up to $3,598 for a Split King.

●    The Purple Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress will cost between $2,199 for a Twin XL and $4,698 for a Split King.

●    The Purple Hybrid Premier 4 Mattress is the most expensive of all the mattresses. It will cost $2,899 for a Twin XL and $6,098 for a Split King.

purple mattresses, hybrid range
The Purple hybrid mattress has a more responsive feel

Advantages of a Purple mattress? 

●    Purple offers regular discounts and seasonal sales. If you are willing to wait, you can get a good deal on a Purple mattress.

●    There are many different models and sizes to choose from, so you should be able to find one to suit your body type and sleeping position.

●    Unlike mattresses with a foam top, the grid will help you stay cool. Many people who use memory foam mattresses find that they get very hot at night. This problem is solved through Purple’s use of the GelFlex Grid, which has many pockets of air.

●    The polymer used in the GelFlix Grid is suitable for people who have allergies to latex. While latex is often used in mattresses, to help maintain firmness, it is not uncommon for people to be allergic.

purple mattresses, gel flex grid
The Gel Flex Grid adapts as you move position

Disadvantages of a Purple mattress?

●    It may be difficult for some people to get used to the grid pattern on the top of the mattress. Some reviewers have said that the grid feels weird and uncomfortable.

●    The mattresses are quite expensive. Other mattresses that you can buy online are significantly cheaper. If you are concerned about the cost of these mattresses, see this article on the best budget mattress.

Where can I buy a Purple mattress?

Purple ship to all locations in the USA and Canada, although shipping is not free to Canada. You will also have to pay for shipping if you live in Hawaii or Alaska. As well as purchasing your Purple mattress online from the Purple website, there are 3,203 mattress stores throughout the USA. You can use the store locator on the Purple website to find a store in a city near you.

“Memory foam doesn’t consistently give you the support you need throughout the night and generally sleeps hot. Latex foam tends to break down quickly, leaving you in a pit of high-priced despair. Traditional spring mattresses don’t relieve pressure and cause a great deal of motion transfer, not to mention the squeaking. Adjustable air mattresses make you choose between hard bed problems and soft bed problems, leaving you with a sore back or stiff joints. By contrast, the ultra-durable Purple GelFlex Grid cradles your hips and shoulders while giving you the support your body needs and the comfort you crave.”


FAQs about Purple mattresses:

Is the Purple mattress good for side or back sleepers?

Purple makes a number of different models, depending on how they will be used.

The Purple Hybrid and the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 are both good for side sleepers. Generally side sleepers should have a medium-soft to medium-firm mattress.

Back sleepers can also be comfortable on a Purple mattress, but heavier people should choose a firmer mattress, so they should choose the Purple Hybrid or the New Day mattress.

Who owns Purple?

The company founders are Tony and Terry Pearce, two brothers who launched the company in 2016. The headquarters for the company are in Utah. 

Is Purple mattress made in China?

All Purple mattresses are made in the USA

Do Purple beds get softer?

Once you have set up your mattress, it will take some time to expand. It is hard to know how long this will take, but once it has expanded fully, it may feel very firm. After 21 days, it seems that the mattress will start to conform to your body. Some people have reported that their mattresses get softer over time, but others do not. It appears that it depends on how they are used.

Is a Purple mattress worth it?

A Purple mattress may be worth it, but you need to do your research and be aware of what it takes for you to get a good nights sleep. Reviews show that people have different reactions to the mattress. If it is possible for you to go to a store, you should try out a Purple mattress in order to decide whether you can get used to the GelFlex Grid on top of the mattress and to explore the Purple mattress firmness.

If you can’t get to a store, then you still have the 100 day trial period to decide whether it is the right mattress for you.


Purple mattresses have been available since 2016. All of the bed in a box mattresses are made in the USA, and you can buy them through the Purple website or in one of the thousands of stores throughout the USA. They also ship to Canada. While they are not budget mattresses, they have received very good reviews by many people.

The mattresses are topped with a distinctive GelFlex Grid which gives good support and pressure relief, and keeps you cooler, especially if you tend to sleep hot. Not everyone likes the feel of the GelFlex Grid, so it’s worth trying it out before you decide whether to get a Purple mattress.

Do you have a Purple bed? Or would you consider one? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!

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