Sleeping Duck Mattress Review

Sleeping Duck Mattresses are award-winning and very comfortable! Here’s our full Sleeping Duck mattress review, looking at pros, cons and unique features.


Are you often caught dozing off during essential meetings because your night was spent tossing around the bed? Have you ever wondered if a poor mattress could be the reason behind your disrupted sleep all these years?

Research shows that lower back pain is the most common cause of disturbed sleep, and it can be improved by sleeping on good quality bedding like a Sleeping Duck Mattress. Sleeping Duck have won awards for their innovative designs and here we will take a look at their unique features, as well as the Pros and Cons of buying this brand.

What is a Sleeping Duck Mattress?

Sleeping Duck Mattress is the world’s first customizable famous Australian mattress brand. Its pioneering and cutting-edge innovation strongly relies on giving consumers a rejuvenating sleep through modifiable mattress firmness and motionless isolation.

But what’s more impressive is that they don’t only sell mattresses but from SD Indestruct Bed to BreatheTech™ Cover, including bedding and duvets to even dog beds.

Shark Tank actually labeled it a phenomenal product, due to its adjustable firmness, even from one half to the other half, for minimal partner disturbance.

sleeping duck mattress logo

Are There Different Types of Sleeping Duck Mattresses?

Yes, different kinds of mattresses exist depending on firmness levels. Like SD MACH II mattress is available initially in two firmness options for you:

1.    Medium

2.    Firm

But you can avail of soft or extra firm custom-made precision foam pads after the purchase.

Likewise, if you look into sizes, they also offer six main sizes according to your preference.

●     Single (188 x 92 x 31cm)

●     King Single (203 x 107 x 31cm)

●     Double (188 x 138 x 31cm)

●     Queen Bed (203 x 153 x 31cm)

●     King Mattress (203 x 183 x 31cm)

●     Super King (203 x 203 x 31cm)

Is Sleeping Duck a Good Brand of Mattress?

“This mattress is setup to ensure the ultimate body support. A layer of adjustable variable firmness foams together with a perfectly calibrated twice tempered steel multizone pocket spring system ensures that the support is rock solid, and directed to the right parts of your body in just the right amount.”

A straightforward answer is Yes; Sleeping Duck is not merely good but one of the best brands in Australia. It is the winner of 2 Champion Awards:

●     Customer Service and Service Excellence 2022

●     Most Satisfied Customers Award – Mattress Category (2022)

What makes it unique is that you can enjoy different types of firmness in various body parts like a softer surface for shoulders and firmer one for low back. That’s why, it is called a Segmented Layout.

sleep duck SD Mach II mattress

Why is this Segmented Layout essential? This study evaluates that independent of your age, weight, or height, sleeping on a medium to firm mattress like Sleeping Duck benefits patients suffering from chronic lower back aches and disability.

Is Sleeping Duck an Australian Company?

Yes, it is an Australia-based mattress company founded in 2014 by two Melbourne-based engineers, Winston Wijeyeratne and Selvam Sinnappan. Its head office is located at 8 Carlton St Prahran Victoria.

How Long Does a Sleeping Duck Mattress Last?

The mattress’s longevity depends upon various factors, like the weight of its user and how well it has been maintained. But, a 10-year warranty on a new Sleeping Duck mattress is very generous.

It should be noted that this warranty is nullified if the sleeper weighs over 140 kg or the underlying bed is adjustable and supports the mattress inadequately. Want to know further how this warranty works? Click here.

A mattress that sags after a year or two of use can be seriously detrimental to your body

How Much is a Sleeping Duck Mattress?

You can find varying prices depending on the size and the customizable features.

●     Single ($999)

●     King Single ($1,099)

●     Double ($1,349)

●     Queen ($1,649)

●     King ($1,999)

●     Super King ($2,699)

Advantages of a Sleeping Duck Mattress

sleeping duck SD Mach II mattress cover
Refreshable Cover and Foams
so you can keep it like new.

Being a pretty adaptable mattress, you can enjoy a multitude of upsides like those given below:

●     Long Warranty–Enjoy ten years of extended warranty on their mattresses

●     SDHQ Support–From getting a mattress delivered to your doorstep to inquiring about the details, SDHQ Support is there to help you from 10-5 pm.

●     Fast Delivery–It takes only one business day for metro delivery

●     Prolonged Guarantee–You can evaluate it for 100 nights; if it does not seem to be a good fit, you can opt for a refund guarantee

●     Free Shipping & Returns–Take pleasure in an accessible dispatch to your home

●     Free Firmness Adjustments–Try each firmness for 21 nights before making further changes.

●     Customisable Mattress System–Their modular system adapting the rigidity to one’s taste, makes them the world’s first fully customizable mattress.

●     Eco-Friendly–They are a Global Green Tag Certified Foam

For both you and your partner, interchangeable firmness system that allows you to adjust it at home without pressure, to perfection.”

Disadvantages of a Sleeping Duck Mattress

You may find the following to be drawbacks:

●     Overpriced–Unlike many other budget-friendly options available in the market, you may find this mattress quite costly.

●     Limited Delivery–Shipment is limited only to the metropolitan and some regional suburbs of Australia

●     Overrated–You may find them not at par with their popularity

Where Can I Buy a Sleeping Duck Mattress?

You can purchase it from their Melbourne Showroom based at the following location: 8 Carlton St Prahran Victoria, 3181. Additionally, you can select the online buy option from their official website. Also, you can use multiple payment options like credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) or PayPal, ZipMoney, and Humm.

Here is their SDHQ Support phone no. 1800 667 196, ask them your query, or you can schedule your visit to check their mattresses yourself.

FAQs About Sleeping Duck Mattresses

Does the Sleeping Duck Mattress Sag?

No, the Sleeping Duck Mattress should not sag under the load of the mattress or the user.

Does the Sleeping Duck Mattress Get Hot?

The Sleeping Duck Mattress does not get hot as its pocket spring system provides an optimum yet not-so-hot environment. Moreover, they are synthesized in air and inflated in a pressure chamber, making them eight times more breezy than those produced in chemical ways.

Where are Sleeping Duck Mattresses Manufactured?

These mattresses are manufactured in Sydney, Australia, but their padding and coil systems are produced in China, and ultimate assembly is done there too.

Is a Sleeping Duck Mattress Worth it?

Yes, it is. Being the Award Winner for two consecutive years (2021 and 2022) with impressive ratings of 4.8/5 (5,300 reviews), Sleeping Duck Mattress is worth the hype.


To put it in a nutshell, the Sleeping Duck mattress makes for a very comfortable mattress. With its adaptable firmness, customizable rigidity, and many size options for the breezy yet cozy surface, it is undoubtedly one of the best options if you’re in the market for a new mattress.

At the same time, you must remember that choosing a foam varies from person to person. For some people, firmness levels are pretty subjective, so it is advisable to get your visit scheduled and select the mattress according to your liking.

Do you have a Sleeping Duck mattress? If so, how does your Sleeping Duck mattress compare to other mattresses you have owned? Let us know if it helped you get a good night’s sleep.

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